Payroll Services

Centralising business administration

All businesses need to run some kind of payroll service, but many companies choose to outsource this rather than to run it themselves. SPDF Advisory provides payroll services to make this process simpler.

For global businesses, outsourcing payroll services is a smart approach to reducing overheads and centralising business operations. Legislation and regulations are continually changing in different countries, and keeping up with compliance requirements can be challenging. Knowledge of this ever-changing field, as well as long-term experience, are vital to the successful activities of these international organisations and their staff management.

SPDF offers complete services with respect to developing and carrying-out remuneration schemes for employees abroad, as well as foreign employees working in the Netherlands. We can work with our clients to assist them with these services, or can take over the process completely.

We offer
  • Setting up and processing expat salary administration
  • Execution and processing of confidential executive payslips
  • Dutch payroll administration
  • Tax services for directors
  • International wealth management
  • Asset planning
  • Life insurance
  • Social security and pension management
  • 30% ruling: advising on eligibility, applying for, submission and handling